Who am I?

My name is Raymond Zachariasse and I call myself a creative writer. So for me this means that I like writing and I love to combine my words with my own illustrations. Since I know a lot about Desktop Publishing too, I create my own books. I also own the small publishing company Mira Loves Books.


Ofcourse I can’t do everything, so I gathered a fine group of freelancers around me who can help whenever necessary. I believe in the power of the many, so whenever I can I share my knowledge with others.


My artistic roots predates even internet. In fact computers used to be my first love. Computers and art. As a teen I got interested in the exciting world of computergames, so I wanted to create games myself. And I did. I made art for a few Amiga games. Sixth Sense Investigations is maybe the most famous one.

How to reach me?



Twitter @miralovesbooks

Or send me an email. You can also use this contactform.